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Video Thunderdome Follow-Up

Because Sarah keeps her promises, yo

Over the weekend y’all voted for Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ version of Come On Eileen over the Save Ferris’ version. (Although, nobody claimed that the  Save Ferris was teh suck, either!)
I’d promised a bonus video once the choice had been made, and I ain’t no welsher. Not only am I delivering your bonus, but your bonus comes with an added bonus! Because IT’S ALSO A MONDEGREEN!

YOU get a mondegreen video! YOU get a mondegreen video! EVERYBODY GETS A MONDEGREEN VIDEO!!!


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Video Thunderdome!

Too Ra Loo Edition ts-thunderdome1

Okay, folks. I have no precedent for this particular Thunderdome, except that this song makes me happy in my pants.

Let me tell you a little about it, kids. I first heard this song in 1982, at the tender age of eight, and immediately wanted to A) dance and sing and do whatever eight year olds do when they’re so happy they could ‘splode, B) learn how to play the fiddle and C) make that weird guy who sings it – whom I will always know as “Dexy” but whose name is really Kevin Rowland – fall in love with me and re-christen me “Eileen.” What. I’M IRISH. It totally could’ve happened.

Fast forward fifteen years to 1997- now I’m a 23 year old girl, who has been heavily influenced by The Specials, Fishbone, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, et cetera. Ska, in any form – even the “pop” kind, made me pogo my panties off. So I’m out at a club in little Portland, Maine and all of a sudden I’m hearing the familiar strains of “Come On Eileen” – EXCEPT THIS VERSION’S SKA!
What do I do? Which one do I pick? CAN THERE BE ONLY ONE “COME ON EILEEN?”

And that is why I’m here now. I’m putting them in the Thunderdome, people. YOU’RE gonna have to choose WHICH ONE WILL COME OUT ALIVE.

Oh! And there’s a bonus! I have something special to post when the winner is declared. IF YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE!

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Video Thunderdome!

A Tribute to Michael Jacksonts-mj

Yesterday, Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50. This Video Thunderdome! is a tribute to Michael Jackson, the legendary musician. Jackson’s personal life was a train wreck of scandal and controversy. I’m not excusing him for his actions in life. I think he got away with a lot of things because of who he was, but I’m not here to rehash that part of his life.

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Video Thunderdome!

The Muppet Showts-thunderdome1

This week we are going back to one of the best variety shows to ever be on TV.  When it aired, The Muppet Show had some of the biggest stars lining up to get appear on the show. If the show still were on air today, it would have the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga performing. Thankfully it’s not around anymore, so we won’t have to sit through that crap.  Nobody wants to see Kermit asking Miley about the new Hannah Montana movie. You know the Jonas Brother would have Scooter in a purity ring by the end of the show. And let’s not even consider what Lady Gaga would do to Miss Piggy.

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Video Thunderdome

Lady Madonna Edition

So how do you like your Madonna? Do you like the young pop princess from the 1980s or the mature diva of the new century. I have to admit that I really don’t get the appeal of Madonna anymore. I’ve liked some of her music, mostly her 1980s stuff and some of the 1990s music.

I got burned out on the Madonna machine. Every new album had to have its own controversy or some sort of spectacle to go along with it. It got to the point you could tell when she was getting ready to release a new album by how she acted in front of the cameras.  Once it got to that point I just lost interest in her.

I blame Madonna for laying the groundwork to celebrity whoredom. Madonna’s the talent to back it up, she has had a great career. The problem is people like Paris Hilton and the Pratt-Douchebags who have picked up on her strategy and don’t have any talent to back it up. Can’t sing or act? No problem, just be sure you get your picture taken a lot and learn the art of the sound bite. That’s neither here nor there for the sake of this Thunderdome I guess, but I point the finger at you Madonna.

So, how do you like her?

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Video Thunderdome!

Ukulele Battlets-thunderdome1

This week’s Video Thunderdome! is a little different. This week, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain will be taking on Jake Shimabukuro. Chances are you have no clue who they are. A lot of people don’t know who they are and that is too bad.

First up is Jake Shimabukuro. Jake is a ukulele version of Eric Clapton and Jimmi Hendrix rolled in to one. This guy can rock a ukulele like nobody’s business. As you are watching this video, keep an eye on his right hand. The video isn’t sped up, he really is playing that fast.

Next up is The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. They have a ton of videos on YouTube that are worth checking out. You can see their version of the Isaac Hayes song Shaft here. It’s definitely worth a look. For this Thunderdome, it’s time to crank out Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

K.D. Lang kicked Joss Stone’s ass last week to come out on top, as well she should have. Give this week’s challengers a look and cast your vote.

[poll id=”41″]

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Video Thunderdome!

iPod Edition

ts-thunderdome1I’ve been having some computer problems this week and haven’t been able to get my YouTube fix. So for this week’s Video Thunderdome!, I decided to let my iPod choose who enters the dome.

Normally, I spend some time poking around on YouTube watching music videos until I find two I want for Video Thunderdome! This week, I wasn’t able to watch any video of any kind, and let me tell you, it sucked. But, I figured I owed it to my four of five loyal viewers to get something up. So I set my iPod to shuffle and the first two songs to play enter the Thunderdome.

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Video Thunderdome!

Happy Birthday Cher Edition


Cher turned 62 this week, so in honor of the original cougar’s birthday, we are having a Cher vs. Cher Video Thunderdome!

I would have liked to post the video for Half Breed by Sonny and Cher but I can’t find it on YouTube anymore. I found it here. You should check it out. Depending on how you look at it, it’s Cher at her sexiest or raciest.

I decided to take another song from her Sony and Cher days, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

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Video Thunderdome

A Double Shot of 80s Cheese

This week’s videos I think speak for themselves on the awesomely badness that was the 1980s music video. Be warned, these two videos contain enough 80s cheese to make you not poop for a week.

It’s Baltimora vs. Hall and Oates

Let the killing begin!

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Mammarian Grammarian Edition

Ye asked, and ye shall receive! This week’s Thunderdome!!! pits self-proclaimed busty genius Megan Fox vs. self-proclaimed busty genius Scarlett Johansson. This match has been due ever since Fox publicly laid the smack down in Elle Magazine, accusing Scarlett of using “fancy SAT soundin’ word things.”


Far be it from Thundersquee! to assume that beauty and intelligence are mutually exclusive. There are several women in Hollywood who are pleasing to the eyes, the ears, and the grey matter. But do these two really fit the bill? Let’s see how these two stack up in the ‘Dome.


Scarlett Johansson vs. Megan Fox

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