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A New Era

As you all have figured out the hags have gone their separate ways. While I still have the utmost love for everyone who has ever called themselves a ‘hag,’ I have decided to start a new world. The zombies breached the gates at Thundersquee and brains were lost.  I hope you will visit Stopthemadness at her new blog www.angryblacklady.com and I hope that if Thundersquee decides to go on you will decide to visit them, as well.

As for me and a few of the other hags… Well, we started a new site. We can’t promise consistent content. We can’t promise our posts will be moving or even thought provoking. What we will promise is that we will post the things that we find interesting and hope that they interest you to. We are a merry band of hags who will share with you our thoughts on various subjects and always hope that you try to brick us if you have a different opinion.  Needless to say, be ye Squeepeople or new brains we promise the zombies will not breach these gates.  Well, we can’t promise no zombies, but we can promise that we have a back-up plan to keep us together should the mindless dead come to devour all we hold dear.

Join our journey into a new world… there’s beer for all!


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