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Afternoon Awesome: Take an Elevator trip to Heaven

It’s not as far as you might think

Marco Brambilla who directed Demolition Man (but don’t hold that against him)  has made a video mural. Brambilla’s work “Civilization” is on display in the elevators in NYC’s Standard Hotel. Depending on what floor you are on and whether you are going up or down, the video mural takes you on a trip from Hell to Heaven, using pop culture clips, mixed with the stock footage from Hollywood.


View the video after the jump!

Editor’s Note: It really is awesome.

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Far Out, Man

I think I just had a Flashback

psychedelic-mushroom11Were you born a bit too late for the psychedelic 1960s? Well here is your chance to get just a tiny little taste.

I have a mission for you. Open a new tab for this link to an Interactive Kaleidoscope. Then play the following youtube videos one at a time and listen to the music as you stare at the center of the kaleidoscope. Then…let your eyes drift out of focus a little. Move your mouse around and enjoy the show.

Turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Video 1

Video 2

What other songs do you think would make good background music for this? I’m thinking some Pink Floyd would be interesting.

If you’re epileptic you might want to skip this. Sorry, I just don’t want to kill anyone.

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Afternoon Awesome

PS22 Chorus Sings Lady Gaga

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Afternoon Awesome

Li Wei’s gravity defying photography

This is not Photoshoppery. Chinese photographer Li Wei uses a combination of props, wires, cleverly positioned cameras and acrobatics to achieve astounding, seemingly physics defying effects in his photographs. Below is one of my favorite images, but check out Li’s website for more images and info on his works and technique. It’s well worth it as it’s truly amazing.


Thanks, koudelka and Greystar!

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Afternoon Awesome

Ginger Cat has a human baby equivalent

Maybe this baby and the senile ginger cat ought to duke it out in Thunderdome!

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Afternoon Awesome

He’s like, totally groovy, man…

(Thanks to karisitah for the tip!)

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Keyboard Cat at the Tonys

He got meme’d the fuck out!

I just love keyboard cat, y’all. Heart the dead furball so hard!

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Afternoon Awesome

Stop! Hammer Time

That many gold lamé Hammer pants in one location can’t be healthy.

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Afternoon Awesome

Haptic Interfaces (touch sensitive) + Beer Caps for the Win


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Afternoon Awesome

Prickles and Goo: Alan Watts

This animated film was produced by Matt Stone and Trey Park, the creators of South Park.  It is set to the audio recordings of philosopher Alan Watts.  Enjoy:

[via the universe as]

(Thanks to WhoMee for the tip!)

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