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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Third Bale from the Sun

Third Rock from the Sun was one of my favorite shows at one point, so Tommy being all grown up and hot is kind of freaky, but he is and he has managed to grow up well for someone who has been acting since the age of 6.  He’s actively avoided celebrity and all the trappings of fame, and has emerged as what some critics are calling one of the best indie actors working today. (Want proof?  See Brick.) Dick would be so proud.



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Daily Bale

Aaron McGru-bale

For those of you not in the know, Aaron Magruder is the creator of The Boondocks.  The show stars Regina King as the voices of Huey and Riley, and she is amazing.  Samuel L. Jackson has appeared on the show many times as a thug notwithstanding the fact that the character for which he’s providing voicework is white and rich.  It is a hilarious show, and if you’re not watching, well, I think there might be something wrong with you.


Bonus hilarity from an episode called “The Trial of Robert Kelly” after the jump.

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Daily Bale

Faran Tahir-bale


(Thanks, Mae!)

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Daily Bale

Eva Green, Casino Roy-bale

She’s a self-proclaimed nerd who speaks French (natively), English (fluently) and is working on Japanese.  She is passionate about art and Egyptology,  and, according to Wikipedia, was described by Vogue as being noted for her “killer looks, intelligence and modesty.”  She was also voted the 4th best Bond Girl of all time.   Hrm, gorgeous, intelligent and she’s kissed Daniel Craig…on the mouth…multiple times…feel free to hate her a little.


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Daily Bale

Sense and Sensi-Bale-ity

Mr. Emma Thompson, Greg Wise


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Daily Bale

Alexander Skars-bale

For Mae.


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Daily Bale

Tom Bale-ello

He has a degree in Government from Harvard University and is consistently considered one of the top guitarists in history.  He might be best known as the Grammy winning guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, but he’s also released solo work and has a new(ish) group called Street Sweeper Social Club. He’s also a very vocal political activist.


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Daily Bale

Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi, or as he’s more commonly known, Balexander Siddig

Of course, he’ll always be Dr. Julian Bashir, to me.


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Daily Bale

Savion Glover (Tap Dancing Bale)


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Daily Bale

Emma Bale-son

She graduated from Cambridge University where she read English Literature and was Hugh Laurie’s girlfriend (and fellow Footlighter).  She is still closest of friends with both Hugh and Stephen Fry.  She was married to Kenneth Branagh (he left her for Helena Bonham Carter, that slime), and has since married actor Gary Wise.  She is the only actress to have won Oscars for both writing and acting, aaaand she and her current husband quietly adopted a 16 year old Rwandan refugee.  (They only made his adoption a public matter when the British government tried to deport him back to Rwanda  even though his family had all been victims of genocide.) For all these reasons and many more, she’s today’s Bale.


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