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Thank God for Floating Black Boxes!

Amusing ad

If you need something to cleanse the last image from your mind, I think this will help.


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Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to Church

So he steals a car

I admire his commitment to getting out of church, I felt the same way when I was a kid. You know the people at the church will never let him forget this. I bet next weeks sermon is the Ten Commandments, focusing on number eight, Thou Shalt not Steal.

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Rick Roll Redux

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

I don’t know who did this but they should win an award. I’m really surprised how well this works together. Give it a listen and let us know what you think of it.

(Thanks to AdAd for the tip!)

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He kicked him in the penith

This kid is adorable:

(Thanks to AdmittedlyAddicted!)

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Kansas Church Plagued By Bees

Give Churchgoers Another Reason To Praybee

A small church in Kansas ran into a bit of a problem recently. It seems that 70,000 bees decided it was a groovy place to make there home, so they over-ran the place. The pastor called in a bee keeper who was stung a good 20 times while removing the swarm. I’m left wondering why the pastor didn’t call somebody sooner. I mean you must have noticed there was a problem before the swarm reached epic proportions. There were so many bees that honey was dripping down the walls. Did they think the bees would eventually just move on or something? I know when I see just one bee I find out if that bitch is living anywhere near me, and if I find out it is, I get it taken care of very quickly.

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Crazy people have businesses, too! In this case, Toby Jones, who also owns Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Car Storage (I suggest you let this play, there is another spot after this video is over) has taken his business model, storing things for incredibly cheap, and applied it to food. Specifically, he will fry anything you want for $5.99. And give you a foot rub. I poked around and it seems to be a real business. Clearly Mr. Jones has a good sense of humor about both of his businesses. He has even posted some of his favorite voicemails on YouTube.

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These Are Our Kind of Monkeys

I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea and set that monkey up at the end of the bar with a Banana Daiquiri.

Here at Thundersquee! we are known to knock back our fair share of cocktails. I just hope that these monkeys don’t ever try and come between our own Stopthemadness and her beloved Scotch. I pity the furball that tryies to run off with that drink.

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An animal worker who calls himself the “Skunk Whisperer” rescued a couple of raccoons that were living in a Pepsi machine in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When asked to comment, Coca-Cola marketing executives reportedly scoffed and said “Wait ’til you see what we’ve got hiding in our corporate Coke machine.

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Dirty Dancing

As directed by David Lynch


I love movies. I’ll watch anything if it looks good. Documentaries, foreign film, action, horror, it doesn’t matter. The video store I went to before I got Netflix knew my odd taste in movies well. Every now and then they would get a new employee and we would have this conversation.

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And Now an Important Message from Helen Hunt and Keyboard Cat

Oh yeah, and Hall and Oates

Spaghetti Cat and Keyboard Cat should team up and start remaking some of those after school specials.

Their combined might will surely be able to cushion the blow of divorce, unwanted teen pregnancy or puberty.

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