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Here at Thundersquee!, we believe in freedom of speech and self-expression. To show you just how much we believe, we’ve decided to give you a little corner where you can spew forth whatever happens to pop into your mind. Angry? Tell us about it. Happy? Shout it from the rooftops. Drunk as hell? Write an incoherent rant that nobody will understand. There’s only one rule: If you have to fight amongst yourselves, leave the shivs and chains at home.


June 5, 2009 Posted by | Random-dome! | | 37 Comments

Angelina Jolie Most Powerful Celebrity

According to Forbes Magazine

ts-angelina-jolie-pregnantAngelina Jolie knocked Oprah Winfrey off her throne to claim the number one spot. Oprah held the top spot for the last two years. I think the real reason she got dethroned this year was because of last year’s “Favorite Things” show. The audience lucky enough to get the golden ticket to that show thought they hit the jackpot like all the other “Favorite Things” audiences had. Instead of Oprah’s usual over the top show they were treated to a do it yourself Christmas, and let’s be honest, no one wants that shit.

Here is Forbes Magazine‘s top ten:

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Hillbilly Chic and Wal-Mart: Together At Last

Miley Cyrus: Fashion Designer

ts-childMiley and fashion designer, Max Azria have “teamed up” to design a new line of clothes and accessories “inspired by Miley’s rock-and-roll roots.” Does Miley have rock-and-roll roots? I imagine their partnership to be something like this.

Max: Ok we need to make some decisions on what color to use. What color do you want to make these shirts?
Miley: Puppy color.
Max: Sweetie, we have been over this. Puppy isn’t a color.
Billy Ray: Hey now, if my little girl wants a puppy color shirt you better make it happen Mr. Big Time Fashion Designer.
: Is BBQ sauce a color?

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Video Thunderdome!

Ukulele Battlets-thunderdome1

This week’s Video Thunderdome! is a little different. This week, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain will be taking on Jake Shimabukuro. Chances are you have no clue who they are. A lot of people don’t know who they are and that is too bad.

First up is Jake Shimabukuro. Jake is a ukulele version of Eric Clapton and Jimmi Hendrix rolled in to one. This guy can rock a ukulele like nobody’s business. As you are watching this video, keep an eye on his right hand. The video isn’t sped up, he really is playing that fast.

Next up is The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. They have a ton of videos on YouTube that are worth checking out. You can see their version of the Isaac Hayes song Shaft here. It’s definitely worth a look. For this Thunderdome, it’s time to crank out Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

K.D. Lang kicked Joss Stone’s ass last week to come out on top, as well she should have. Give this week’s challengers a look and cast your vote.

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Sashay of the Penguins

A Poem

ts-gay-penguins3When the gays came for the Republicans,
I remained silent;
I was not a bathroom stall tap dancer.

Then they came for Kanye West,
I remained silent;
I was not a gay fish.

Then they came for Lindsay Lohan,
I did not protest;
I was not a publicity whore.

Then they locked down San Francisco,
I did not speak out;
San Francisco is too chilly in the summer.

When they came for the penguins,
there was no one left to speak out for the penguins.

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Daily Bale

What a Wicked Bale…

For cooter jean.


June 5, 2009 Posted by | Daily Bale | , | 5 Comments