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Sexy Times at the Queen’s

How Did We Miss This Gem?

ts-evilbutterflyImagine, you’re strolling around Windsor Castle, taking in all of the tea, crumpets and dental hygiene. You’re enjoying the spring air, the blooming buds and you smile, because after all, spring means love is all around (or is it Christmas that is all around?). This is apparently what went through one couple’s minds when they decided to totally do it on the Queen’s lawn! No joke. This couple, speculated to be in their early 30’s from their bouncing bare asses, were spotted engaging in 10-15 minutes of the dirty deed in broad daylight. It wasn’t until cops intervened that the two pulled-up-trou.

You have to wonder how people make decisions like these and think that they are brilliant ideas. I swear, with each passing day I consider changing forms just to escape the idiocy of humanity. Perhaps I will become a butterfly and conjure up the next flu. No one would ever suspect the butterfly…


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Come See the Softer Side

No Regrets

ts-lesbiansWomen are very sexual creatures. As a woman, I know this. Many of you, our readers, are women, so you probably know this as well. And for all you men, you have either been with women or know women, so you are most likely aware too. Anywhoozle, Lindsay Lohan, Anne Heche, Katy Perry, Cynthia Nixon, et. al, with their swip-swap-eroos and Kissed a Girls have now sparked a new line of research which has tried to uncover why women leave men for other women. Surprisingly, men having assholic and childish tendencies didn’t even make the cut! Hiyoooooooo!

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Domino’s “Bailout”

It Always Tastes Better When it’s Free

luckystIn Cincinnati, someone conjured up my ideal fantasy and brought it to fruition. A Domino’s patron, clearly a genius, figured out that if you typed in “BAILOUT” as a discount code while ordering online, your pizza would be free of charge. This “mistake” occurred because of a promotional idea which was nixed this past December.

The communications error cost Domino’s 11,000 pizzas before they deactivated the code the following morning. Hmm. I wonder if I use “SUGAR DADDY” as a code word what will be delivered to my doorstep? Would I like some cheesy bread with that? Yes, please!

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Happy Spring!

I Shall Drink in Your Honor

06-08So, it’s official. Spring is here. The daylight is an hour longer, the snow is melted and even if there is another snowstorm, it will melt in a few days anyway. It’s not just the smell of winter turning into puddles or the angle from which the sun hits our face that makes us feel the change of season, it’s something slightly more powerful. It’s something we look forward to each time the temperature routinely rises or falls. For us in New England, it’s the seasonal change of Samuel Adams. Once you realize Sam’s Summer Ale has reached the taps, you know it’s time for the beach and barbeques, day drinking and basking in the sun. It’s wonderful.

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The Science of “Defriending”

Grow Up, People

playground01In the past few years, hoards of social networking sites have bombarded our lives and have brought with them some truly innovative ideas and forward thinking. We are able to promote businesses, reconnect with old friends, become involved in community efforts, track up-and-coming musicians, and so much more. But now that Facebooking and MySpacing and Twittering is commonplace, who is writing the rules of etiquette? Who is keeping the standard of so many everyday questions? These are questions which need to be answered.

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The Snackulator

The Every(wo)man’s Solution to Life

i_love_cheese_2Do you spend hours stressing over what cheese to pack when you leave the house? Do you wonder, is today a Boursin and baguette day or should I opt for good ole havarti dill and sesame crackers? Are you concerned about satisfying the tastes of all attendees at the next soiree you are attending? If you’re going to the beach, do you worry that sand will affect your choice? Are you in constant agony over what situation calls for what cheese?? DO YOU DRIVE YOURSELF MAD IN AN INDECISIVE RAGE???

Don’t worry, just snackulate! Do, do do do do do do do do do do do do. Don’t worry. Do do do do do do do. Snackulate. Do do do do do.

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Underachievers of The Century

The Mens

menvswomen3A recent study has shown that men and women process beauty differently. I can’t say I’m shocked by this. While women will explain beauty in an analytical, verbose way, men will likely say something to the affect of, “It’s nice. I like it.” This isn’t to say all men and women fall into these categories but the findings of this study do prove one thing:

Men half ass everything. It’s science. While women process beauty using both sides of our brains, men only use the right side. I foresee using this in many future arguments. “Use your whole brain, asshole!!”

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How To Market Towards Women

Give Us Free Shit

Many luxury hotels, particularly in New York City, have begun catering to their female clientele. Specific rooms, even floors, are being put aside which have amenities targeted at woman such as curling irons, vanities, bath salts and yoga mats – at no extra cost! Now don’t get in a huff, this is not meant to segregate so much as simplify travel for women.

However, Bev Sanders, a woman who runs a women-only vacation business says, “Women learn differently when there are no men around… If you put a man into the equation, women begin to second-guess themselves.”

Her husband presumably added, “It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again!”

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Indian Women Fight Back with Pink Panties

Whateva, Whateva, I Do What I Want!

090212-india-valentine-8ahmediumHoards of women in India are fighting back against the female militant group, Sri Ram Sena, which radically opposes women going to bars with men. Ram Sena calls the boozers “immoral” and believes they should stay home and play the Suzy Homemaker role. Not only are these “loose women” publicly disagreeing with Ram Sena but they are planning a Valentine’s Day Pub Crawl to prove their independence. To top it all off, they will be sending care packages with pink panties to the radical and outspoken militants. I’m not sure if this last part is entirely necessary, seeing as the Ram Sena already have their panties in a bunch. Hi-yooooooo!

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Wisconsin for the Win

Although 2008 had only one more day than 2007, due to Leap Year, cheese production rose 1.4%. Cheddar was better, as the most popular cheese and Mozzarella was stella’, coming in at a close second.

I’m just so glad that someone out there is tracking the success of cheese. Planet Earth may be in a recession, but cheese will always prevail, through thick and thin, through holey Swiss and through smoked Gouda. I’d also like to thank all the cows out there, for giving us something to look forward to at every networking event or family gathering. Your by-product has gotten me through many an open bar function.

So, thanks. Your fine work has not gone unnoticed.

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