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Monday’s Music

Theme This!

I am a big believer in personal theme songs. Ones that play through your head with some frequency and that, if you were in a movie, would play you in or out of a scene. This is mine (although truth be told, sometimes it is Barracuda). Even though it is about, you know, “DOIN’ IT,” for me it has a broader meaning. It always makes me feel good–happy, bristling with energy and ready to fuck some shit up. I hope it does for you as well.


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Monday’s Music

It’s summer, y’all!

Back before Smith was taken in by the cult of Scientology (let’s be real, folks, you know he believes in Thetans), he was a goofy kid with a knack for penning iconic feel-good ditties. Here is the video that inspired many a youngster to set up lawn chairs in the back of a truck and ride around town.

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Monday’s Music

Farewell, Jacko Edition

Despite it being Thursday (Traveling got in the way of things on Monday), we thought, under the circumstances, a Monday’s Music was in order.  Regardless of what you think of him as a person, you can’t deny the mark he made on music and pop-culture in general.  He truly was the King of Pop.

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Monday’s Music

Woooo hooooo! Cait and Dave!

In a very special episode of Monday’s Music, we here at Thundersquee! wish Cait and Dave a hearty and heartfelt congratulations on their upcoming nuptials this weekend. Our Cait is the sweetest, most considerate, most selfless person we know and deserves someone who will think of her first as she so often puts herself last. We know she is in good hands with Mr. Eyeblack. Theirs is a very special love, of Princess Bridian proportions, and we are all so pleased they’re jumping off the Cliffs of Insanity together – likely yelling “Geaux Noles” as they plunge ahead into the future. And so, with love in our hearts and booze in our glasses we say, may you be as happy as two islands in a stream.

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Monday’s Music

Concert Edition

Dudes, I am so friggen tired. Last night I accompanied the Mister to see one of his fave bands: NIN. I like NIN, but not enough to lay down that sort of cash. Mister Numberone, however, is adorably rabid, so away we went to the Jones Beach Amphitheater. It was windy and cold, but, honestly, one of the best sounding venues I have ever been to.  It was a pretty amazing show.

First, enjoy this video back from when Trent wasn’t burly and Marilyn Manson wasn’t bloated.

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Monday’s Music

Quit Yer Bitchin, Run-DMS Edition

Oh man, you are so lucky.  ::cocks fist:: I mean if you had suggested like, Nickelback, I would have been so pissed. You would have – oh man, you’re lucky. I almost, and, you know. Ooooooooh. Good thing I like Depeche Mode. (I was going to go classic, but DMS was all, “wahhhh come back,” so I gave you something new) Happy?

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Monday’s Music

Memorial Day Edition

We here at Thundersquee! are unabashed fans of our military (though not always a fan of what they are asked to do). This Memorial Day get pumped up, send a package, and thank a veteran. Next stop, Danger Zone!

Don’t ask, don’t tell, after the jump!

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Monday’s Music

Keep On Keeping On Edition

Listen, 2008 sucked. No reason to dance about the subject. You know what? 2009 is starting to look up. Nevertheless, I think we need an anthem to carry us into December. 2010 will be great, then two years of partying until the Pokkyclipse, y’all!


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Monday’s Music

Sassy Frontman Edition

Back when I was Lisa(#.75) I was introduced to The Make-Up by future Mr.#1. And thus began my love of bands with sassy frontmen who can bullshit haughtily and matching/coordinating outfits. They didn’t release any videos, I don’t think, so here is a fan-made. Anyway put on your dancing shoes and jerk away babies!


Bonus, and different, video after the jump

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Monday’s Music

Mondegreen Edition

I remember the first time I heard Intergalactic. It was just repetitive enough to where you could sing along by the end of the song. “Intergalactic, kill the children. Kill the children, intergalactic.” I eventually learned it was “planetary” not “kill the children,” but I like my lyrics better. Any time the song comes up I take the opportunity to share my misheard lyric–thereby ruining the song for everyone else. You’re welcome!

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