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Huge Douche Bag Alert

I’m sure you won’t be shocked

If you are a huge Dexter fan or even just a human being with a soul, then you too would have been moved by the site of Michael C. Hall in his skull cap at The Golden Globes.  He recently announced that he has Hodgkins Lymphoma.   As if the fact they killed Rita off wasn’t enough, but he is being treated and will recover.

Unfortunately, some people (aka NY Times) were huge douche bags and insulted his fashion choice of a skull cap.

“Is Michael C. Hall playing Bob Marley in an upcoming movie?” the Tweet snapped. “Don’t get the hat or what he is hiding under it.”

Are they not a newspaper and h0w did his sickness escape them? New York Times; HUUUUUGE FAIL!


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My interpretation of dinner around The McCain dinner table.

I imagine awkward silence around The McCain dinner table

John; So, what did you guys do today?

Cindy; Megan and I did a really fun photo shoot today.

John; Well that sounds fun

Cindy; Oh yes it was. And our cute hairdresser gave me the, “You go girl”, head snap.

John; What was the photo shoot for?

Cindy; Ohhhh, nothing much.

John;  Ok, so tell me Cindy; Supporting gay marriage

John; Heart attack.

Aaaaaand, scene.

Thank you very much.

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