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 Got to get all the ratings they can before the whole thing falls apart

Tune in for a vary special episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, and jack up those ratings. They should have a scene in the divorce episode where the judge asks the kids who they want to live with, mommy or daddy. Nothing makes good television like a bunch of little kids crying and begging to get away from their shrew of a mother.

Kate has made the Octomom look like Mother Teresa. That is just messed up.


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Jon and Kate Plus 9

Cheating cheaters

katejon-1Why do some celebs cheat? I mean, if you are an A lister or have A list name like Brad, Angelina, Jennifer or George, recognition its one thing–when your little ego boosting affair goes down the tubes, and the opportunistic skank you are fucking sells his or her story to OK or People or whoever, you could conceivably deny it.  You even have a built in laundry list of excuses.

“Baby, every week they say I’m pregnant, they never get that shit right.”

“Babe, they always accuse me of being on heroin. They hate me; you know that.”

“C’mon, one week we’re getting married, the next I’m moving out; its just the next logical step to make up a cheating story.”

“Seriously, a different girl every week for my entire career. Things aren’t going to change in the media because I love you.”

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What the Crap!?

Nashville Edition

George ClintonCMT have just accomplished what I once considered impossible.  They’ve caught my interest.  I’ve never been a fan of country music, let alone Country Music Television, but recently I noticed a show  that sounds so wonderfully surreal I can’t help but want to check it out.  It’s called Gone Country, and while I’m sure many of you have heard of it (It’s in its third season.), it’s completely new to me and I almost wish I had known about it sooner. Continue reading

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