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Don’t Be A Doosh!

Stairs Edition

manners2It is no secret that the manners of America are in decline and everyone seems to have been raised by a pack of wolves. Or in a barn. Or by barn-dwelling wolves. We here at Thundersquee! are fighting the good fight against the tide of barbarism–keeping America klassy, one K at a time!

Let’s take a moment today to talk about stairs. Basically, there are two things one does on stairs: climbing and descending. That is it. You walk up them, you walk down them and occasionally you barrel down them in a laundry basket. Now, when those stairs are in a public setting, your movements, barring physical ailment, should be fairly brisk. No one likes being stuck on the stairs peering up at some stranger’s ass. In case any of this comes as a surprise to you, dear reader or, you would like a handy list to tack up on a co-worker or family member’s door, 95-Thesis style, we have compiled a handy-dandy list of stair etiquette:

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