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A Tribute to Michael Jacksonts-mj

Yesterday, Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50. This Video Thunderdome! is a tribute to Michael Jackson, the legendary musician. Jackson’s personal life was a train wreck of scandal and controversy. I’m not excusing him for his actions in life. I think he got away with a lot of things because of who he was, but I’m not here to rehash that part of his life.

Michael Jackson quite simply was a music legend. He left behind a catalog of songs that can easily rival that of Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

In 1983 at the Motown 25th anniversary celebration, Michael Jackson took the stage and reinvented himself. He may have walked on the stage as little Michael Jackson, formally of the Jackson 5, but after he performed Billie Jean, he was an entirely new person.

In the 1980s, Jackson was anointed the King of Pop by Elizabeth Taylor herself, and the title stuck.  Michael was the King. No one could dispute that. For a time, Michael had the Midas touch when it came to song writing. He continued to score hits into the 1990s but the changing music scene and his personal problems would eventually lead him in to semi-retirement.

You can visit his youtube page here for more of his work.

I don’t know why he did some of the things he did. He did a lot of good things for charity and helped more people then most  ever will. For today, let’s remember Michael Jackson for his kind heart and spirit.

Ease on down the road, Mike. I hope you find the peace in the next life you could never find in this one.


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