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Angry Black Lady Chronicles

I Love my iPhone More than My Principles

ts-feminismAs y’all well know by now, Angry Black Lady is a communist pinko social librul terrorist sympathizer.  She likes hanging out with Puerto Mexicans, (wouldn’t mind if we put one on the Supreme Court), and she thinks Obama is, more or less, the bee’s messiah.

Most of my views, as I relayed in a recent installment of Angry Black Lady Chronicles, stem from my upbringing, including my mom who saw her parents struggle to put food on the table in the 1950s after Joe McCarthy and his band of fuckwits, decided that my grandpa was a Commie and was no longer fit to serve as a teacher in the Philadelphia School District.  So yeah.  I relish sticking it to “the man,” whomever “the man” happens to be at any given time.

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