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Arrrrgh You Kidding Me?

Swedish Pirate Party, FTW!


So big news from Sweden this week.  The Swedish Pirate Party, a party that wasn’t even in existence the last time European elections were held, secured 7% of the national vote in Sweden this week, enough to garner the party a seat in Parliament.

Swedish Pirates in Parliament, y’all!

Now before you go thinking these pirates are going to take to the high seas, and start stealing your IKEA furniture, just calm down.  The Swedish Pirate Party is more interested in online copyright issues, internet transparency, and opposing the enforcement of “the EU’s intellectual property (IP) enforcement directive, which demands that internet service ­providers turn over traffic data to copyright holders who are trying to track down filesharers.”

You know.  Napster and shit.

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No Money, Mo’ Problems

I’m not a pauper, I’m just broke a lot.

moneybagsTaking advice from Jessica Alba, President Obama plans to “be Sweden” when it comes to the U.S. banking system. In the 1990s Sweden nationalized the banking system. When the banks’ books were cleaned up, the banks were then auctioned off to private entities. The idea is for the government to loan the banks money in exchange for control (basically the taxpayers “own” the banks). When the collateral (the banks) becomes valuable again, the government will sell off the banks and repay the loan (from the taxpayers). The idea is not to do what Japan (and Bush) did – just hand over money and have no governmental oversight. As we all know, that leads to attacks by giant monsters. The big surprise is that there are a few Republicans backing the idea of nationalizing banks. Maybe there is a chance for bipartisanship yet. 

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