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Russia Has the Best Cure

If this is true I will never have swine fludrunkcat

Russia is telling people that are going to Wales for the World Cup qualifier that they need to drink Welsh whisky when they are there. Yes, the Russian government is telling its people to get drunk in Wales. There is a reason behind this whisky drinking; they believe it will prevent them from getting the swine flu. I drink a lot of whisky and it has never prevented me from getting sick. I think Russia just wants its people getting all rowdy over in Wales, maybe Wales stood Russia up on a date or something. At any rate, it looks like Wales is going to be party central come next month. How much would it cost to get to Wales for whisky fest?


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In Formerly Soviet Russia Drugs Do You

And inspire a modest proposal…

Recently GHB (Sodium Oxybutyrate) made it to Russia and has become a fashionable club drug because it’s a cheap and apparently fun–at least for those who get to observe the people on it. Watching these videos led me to realize this drug provides a simple solution that will help many a homeless addict and those bothered by their panhandling. My proposal is this.  Freely hand out GHB to the homeless.  It would convert them from what some consider a nuisance, to entertainment. It also looks like it’s a lot more fun than crack, and strangers would be more likely to give them money for their efforts.  Other effects might include a reduction in prostitution, theft and street crime in general, as well as the slowing of the spread of HIV, Hep C and other diseases transmitted via sex or intravenous drug use.  One drug, half our society’ problems, *dusts off her hands*  my job is done here.

The woman in this first video is in a shopping mall. Apparently clubbing on GHB was too dull.

After the jump, a bonus video of a guy so high he can’t stop laughing or stop a dog from humping him in the street. See, the animals will benefit, too!

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Russia’s Elite Super Lazy

Also, pussies compared to Sarah Palin

goatYou have a couple-few extra billion dollars? Sick of caviar, nice clothes and vacations? Well, have we got news for you: it is the hot new past time for the Russian Rich-skis. You see, you get a helicopter, a rifle and fly into the wilderness to hunt–wait for i–wild goats. Baaaa, ram, ewe got shot! Not that the hunting is without risks. In January, seven intrepid outdoors men and women died in a helicopter crash. Photos from the wreckage show that the wilderness wild-men had shot Argali goats, which have large curly horns and are endangered as fuck. There are only 200 left in Russia. How’s this for irony: one of the dead was President Medvedev’s personal envoy to parliament who was–wait for it–a top wildlife protection official! Talk about letting the goat-hunters guard the goat-house!

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