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Obama Helps 4th Grader Avoid Trouble for Skipping School

The Cuteness Breaks My Brain

ts-barack-obama-teens11Obama, give it a rest already!  We get it!  You’ve got a sense of humor, and you seem like an all around good guy.  But dial it down a bit, wouldja?  Because this?  This is too much.  Yesterday, Obama held a town hall meeting at Southwest High School in Greenbay, Wisconsin.  John Corpus, father of 10-year-old Kennedy Corpus, stood up to ask a question about healthcare, but not before introducing his daughter:

Corpus: “I am fortunate enough to be here with my 10-year-old daughter who is missing her last day of school for this. I hope she doesn’t get in trouble.”

Obama: “Do you need me to write a note?”

Corpus: “I’ll take you up on that actually, Mr. President.”

Obama: “All right, I’ll start writing it now. What’s her name?”

Corpus: “John Corpus.”

Obama: “No. Her.”

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Fun With Headlines

Presidential Edition

Real headlines, real fun.  From Yahoo News.  Fill in the blank (Finish the headline):


He thought they were “meh.”

What’s your take? Let us know in the comments.

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Angry Black Lady Chronicles

Obama is a Bloody Mustard Eater

Good news, Americans!  The era of post-racial politics is over!  Our President, the Black Man himself, is an elitist! Apparently because he’s not throwing enough barbecues on the White House lawn, or doesn’t have enough homies coming over and hanging out drinking forties of Mickey’s in the Rose Garden, Fox News has only one recourse–to accuse Obama of being elitist.  So elitist, in fact, that he has transformed from “Some Black Guy” into “Bloody Elitist Chap”–an old white British dude in a Rolls Royce asking for Grey Poupon.  Looks like elitist is the new ghetto:

Holy crap, you guys.  It’s obvious that Obama is out of touch with the American people. “Real” Americans don’t eat Grey Poupon.

Except for the fact that they do— because it’s made by Kraft fucking Foods. You know, Kraft Mac and Cheese? Velveeta? Kraft singles? Is there any company that is more American than Kraft?

Sean Hannity, you are one of the biggest douchebags alive. Or dead.

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KeeblerKahn’s Photo Round Up


The Obamas traveled to England to meet Queen Elizabeth II. The Obamas gave the Queen an iPod as a gift. Queen Elizabeth did what any grandmother would do when she has company, she offered the young couple some hard candy out of a dust covered candy dish.

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What Do You Think?

Questionable Reward System in the New Administration


With all this Obama-mania, it’s hard to even consider thinking a disparaging thought about Mr. Pres.  However, it seems important to consider the fact that the big B.O. has placed Larry Sommers in his cabinet.  That’s right, former president of Harvard Larry “women can’t do math or science” Sommers.  Yeah, Harvard— you know, that school in the northeast full of budding exceptionally talented future female scientists, doctors, mathematicians and economists? That Harvard.  SHOULD WE BE REWARDING THIS MAN?  Continue reading

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