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Miley Cyrus Wants to be Batgirl

If this isn’t a joke I’m getting on a plane, flying to L.A. and kicking Billie Ray Cyrus right in the junk

miley-cyrusAccording to Hollyscoop.com Miley Cyrus auditioned to play Batgirl along side Christian Bale. I think the photo sums up fan reaction nicely.

“She was sort of hopping around the room and had even written some dialogue for herself,” a source said of Cyrus’ audition. “The problem is some people aren’t really convinced Miley Cyrus has the acting chops to pull it off.”

This has to be bullshit. I can believe she wants the part. I can even believe her agent forced a meeting, but I just don’t see anyway in hell that they would cast her. Christian Bale has stated that he would walk if they tried to make the Batman movies campy, so I just don’t see this happening.

The Batman movies need to just be Batman. No Robin, no Batgirl, just the Dark Knight. Superhero movies almost always go wrong when they try and force to many characters into them.

I guess there are worse choices out there. It could be Kristen Stewart as Batgirl.


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Hillbilly Chic and Wal-Mart: Together At Last

Miley Cyrus: Fashion Designer

ts-childMiley and fashion designer, Max Azria have “teamed up” to design a new line of clothes and accessories “inspired by Miley’s rock-and-roll roots.” Does Miley have rock-and-roll roots? I imagine their partnership to be something like this.

Max: Ok we need to make some decisions on what color to use. What color do you want to make these shirts?
Miley: Puppy color.
Max: Sweetie, we have been over this. Puppy isn’t a color.
Billy Ray: Hey now, if my little girl wants a puppy color shirt you better make it happen Mr. Big Time Fashion Designer.
: Is BBQ sauce a color?

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Miley’s Little Yorkie Gets a Turn in the Spotlight

No, that’s not a euphemism for her underage girl parts.

For some unknown reason Details magazine has an interview with Justin Gaston in their new issue. Let me tell you, it’s as riveting as you would expect.

Justin did clue us in on who he would want be if he wasn’t Justin Gaston, AKA the guy finger banging the Disney cash cow. Here is what he told Details:

“One of those little lapdogs that gets petted all day,” he says. “You know, they wake up, get fed, get attention. I like attention. I’d like to be one of those little dogs. Is that weird?”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that exactly what he is right now? The ONLY reason he is getting any press is because he is dating an underage girl who happens to be a living, breathing, billion dollar money making machine for Disney. When Miley or Billy Ray tells him to speak or roll over, he does. Continue reading

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Miley is a Big Fat Faker

Nice touch matching the spray on tan and dress color

ts-mileyMiley recently won Favorite Female Singer at The Kid’s Choice Awards. She lost Favorite TV Actress to Selena Gomez and Favorite TV Show to iCarly, Miley took the stage and cried as she accepted the award.

“I really thought I was going to lose, so thank you, guys.”

There is only one problem with that. She KNEW she was going to win. The only awards shows more scripted and rigged than The People’s Choice Awards and the MTV Movie Awards is Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. Did you ever watch any of those shows and find it odd that only the people who win the awards bother to show up? Well there is a reason for that; they tell the winners ahead of time to make sure they will show up.

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Miley Cyrus: “I will ruin you, Radiohead!”

Thom Yorke: “And you are…???”

yorke-cyrusUh oh, y’all!  Radiohead done did it now!  Radiohead make Miley mad!  And you no likey Miley when she’s mad!

Last month at the Grammys, Miley Cyrus was like totally hurt and offended when Radiohead snubbed her and refused to hang out with her backstage.

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I Have Another Parenting Question

A Very Special Message from KeeblerKahn Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Miley CyrusOK, we have established that you wouldn’t let your 16 year-old daughter spend the night or date a 20 year-old dude. How do you feel about her getting a tattoo of said dude’s initials?

“When Miley heard about Infinitink, she began badgering her parents,” a Cyrus family insider reveals in the March 16 edition of Star Magazine. “Miley explained that if she ever wants her tat removed, it will come off faster and less painfully.”

First of all plenty of people get tattoos which they later regret getting, I have one I’ll get covered up at some point. I love tattoos, but call me old-fashioned; I don’t think you should let kids get them. Yes, it is easier to have the new inks removed, but that’s not the point.

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I Have a Parenting Question

A very special message from Keebs

I’m sure plenty of our readers have kids. Hell, most of us were kids at some point in out lives.  Draw upon that experience and answer me this.

Would you let your 16 year-old daughter go out with AND spend the night alone with a 20 year-old guy?

This follow-up question is just for Justin Gaston. What is it like to have Chris Hanson follow you 24 hours a day?

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Dream On, Miley

“And the Oscar Goes to Miley Cyrus”

ts-miley-cyrus-09Should you ever hear those word spoken aloud from the stage of Kodak Theater know that the end of days are near. Drop to your knees and repent.

When asked about her upcoming Hannah Montana movie, Miley said that she hoped it would bring her back to the red carpet next year.

“I can’t wait. Hopefully, I’ll be here getting something next year.”

Cyrus went on to say that the film is going to be “deeper, and a lot more
serious” than people would think.

How deep and serious can you make Hannah Montana? Is Miley/Hannah going to
battle with multiple personality disorder? Are we talking Girl Interrupted
meets Disney?

I know she is still a kid and it’s important to let kids dream big. There’s no point in crushing their spirits until they at least make it to
college. That being said, sometimes it’s good to be realistic with them.

Miley, you are good at what you do, (I guess) but hell will freeze over before you win an Oscar. Jennifer Aniston has a better shot at an Oscar than you do. Go back to your dream of being a princess; you have that one in the bag.

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The Oscars: Red Carpet Recap


They made us laugh, they made us cry, and occasionally they put us to sleep. And  that was just on the red carpet. Now it’s time for Thundersquee! to return the favor with our  SQUEE!, Meh and Fail picks for the 81st Academy Awards.

On with The FAIL…

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Crazy Person Sues Miley

No, really.

Lucie J. Kim has filed a massive 4-billion dollar class action suit against Miley Cyrus over this photo.

Kim claims that Miley knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media. Continue reading

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