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Hillbilly Chic and Wal-Mart: Together At Last

Miley Cyrus: Fashion Designer

ts-childMiley and fashion designer, Max Azria have “teamed up” to design a new line of clothes and accessories “inspired by Miley’s rock-and-roll roots.” Does Miley have rock-and-roll roots? I imagine their partnership to be something like this.

Max: Ok we need to make some decisions on what color to use. What color do you want to make these shirts?
Miley: Puppy color.
Max: Sweetie, we have been over this. Puppy isn’t a color.
Billy Ray: Hey now, if my little girl wants a puppy color shirt you better make it happen Mr. Big Time Fashion Designer.
: Is BBQ sauce a color?

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June 5, 2009 Posted by | Celebrity Shenanigans, Culture Critic, Fashion | , , , | 4 Comments