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Dirty Dancing

As directed by David Lynch


I love movies. I’ll watch anything if it looks good. Documentaries, foreign film, action, horror, it doesn’t matter. The video store I went to before I got Netflix knew my odd taste in movies well. Every now and then they would get a new employee and we would have this conversation.

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Video Thunderdome!

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner Edition


This week, it’s all about the dancing. First up is a song that comes from one of the biggest movies in the 1980s, Dirty Dancing.  Johnny Castle and Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman were the Romeo and Juliet for the 80s generation, but without that pesky suicide ending. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey shared an amazing on-screen chemistry despite the fact that they couldn’t stand each in real life. I’m talking hate with a capital 8 dislike of each other. I think that’s the real reason there was never a Dirty Dancing sequel starring the two of them. Despite the off-screen problems, the film did wonders for Patrick Swayze’s career. It launched him as a household name and scored him a top ten hit song with “She’s Like the Wind.”

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