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Chance Crawford “Hottest Bachelor”?

I Beg To Differchance

No, no, no. Just no. Chace Crawford looks like a freaking girl. People Magazine got it all wrong. There are like 4 other dudes on that list that should rank higher than him. No, I am not talking about Zac Efron. As a matter of fact, you could pretty much choose any guy on that list other than those two and it would be ok. It really makes me wonder what they base these lists on. I mean, Chace Crawford? Really. I just don’t get it. Who do you think should be Hottest Bachelor of the year?


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Leave Footloose Alone!!!

Chasing Bacon

footlooseEver since I heard they were remaking this movie full of greatness, I’ve been sad, but then I forgot all about it and thought Hollywood had, too. But, it seems my celebrations were too early. Chace Crawford, who’s too pretty for words, shall be the new Kevin Bacon. Originally Zac Ephron was cast but dropped out and they just substituted Zac Ephron part deaux in the role. I had trouble telling them apart. Next up they can do the male version of The Patty Duke Show. I’ll let them dance fight over who gets to be on top.

Chace Crawford, you hear me now. You are no Kevin Bacon, SIR! Do you think that you can dance angry in a warehouse drinking beer and mentally envisioning a montage like Mr. Bacon? You think you can do knee slides, spins, and high kicks with his tenacity? I highly doubt it, small fry. He was the male Jennifer Beals of his time. No other guy from the 80’s can say that.

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