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It’s time to rumble…

492770538_cb7c7d4f9eSome megalomaniacal manager of a Missouri Burger King decided it was time for infants to respect his authoritah.

When a mother with a barefoot 6-month-old showed up on his watch, he promptly told her to remove her germ spreading crumb snatcher or he was calling the cops. That baby should have stuck her fungus ridden little foot right in his mouth breathing pie hole.

Apparently he was following the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy to the letter. It’s nice enough for a public service policy, right? I only see one tiny loophole. It doesn’t say anything about “no diaper.” HA!

I think all the local babies should unite, put on just a t-shirt and some shoes, and show up there demanding service. I believe we could even go global with this protest. We could call it, “Bare Your Bottoms For Babies’ Rights.”

Maybe Burger King will have to change its policy to “No shirt, no shoes, no diaper, no service.” Unless people beyond toddler stage are willing to don a diaper in support of baby solidarity, it would limit their patrons to babies, seniors and Michelle Duggar.

I really don’t see a down side to this plan.


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Where Are They Now?

Hootie?  Is that you?

Ever wonder what happened to Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish?

Well, Here’s you answer!


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Listen Here, Sonny Jim

Sexagenarians: Rapscallions of the Geriatric World

not_lemon_perpFlorida: home of Q-tips and skin cancer. If there is one thing retirees love more than their Jazzies (they turn on a dime!) and Early Bird specials, it is complaining. Jean A. Fortune, of Boynton Beach, is now the (dry) toast of the canasta set by taking his whinging to the next level. Fortune called 911 to complain that Burger King was out of lemonade.  According to police reports, Fortune turned to 911 when the employees failed to pull a Jesus and respond to his lemonade request. Fortune is charged with abuse of 911 communication for his 5-minute call to operators.

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