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Brain Busters

Q & A Edition

ts-brain-busterYou all may know that I hate everything, but one thing I definitely do not hate is trivia. Every Tuesday I drag the boyfriend and friends to my local hole in the wall for Quizzo Trivia (It’s nationwide too!) And every week the Bonus rounds make me want to brick the host in the face. So I thought I would share some of my pain with all of you.

The answer to the last Brain Buster is: He stood on a block of ice to hang himself.

Stay, see? Wins! But, we like autoerotic asphyxiation as an answer so, vodkafanta you are 1st runner-up!

Here’s this week’s challenge.

Q. This ballet’s 1913 premiere in Paris caused riots in the audience. Name the ballet and its composer.

The answer will be posted at 5pm Pacific (or something like that, sorry!)

A. Rite of Spring – Igor Stravinsky.

Congrats to Roxydarling and Rev. Random for their correct answers.

bfm, your answer was right on some levels, so congrats to you, too!


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Russia Has the Best Cure

If this is true I will never have swine fludrunkcat

Russia is telling people that are going to Wales for the World Cup qualifier that they need to drink Welsh whisky when they are there. Yes, the Russian government is telling its people to get drunk in Wales. There is a reason behind this whisky drinking; they believe it will prevent them from getting the swine flu. I drink a lot of whisky and it has never prevented me from getting sick. I think Russia just wants its people getting all rowdy over in Wales, maybe Wales stood Russia up on a date or something. At any rate, it looks like Wales is going to be party central come next month. How much would it cost to get to Wales for whisky fest?

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Canada, It’s Time to Start Thinking on Your Feet

Really–it’s aboot time

for-next-severed-foot-postOkay, SERIOUSLY, what is going on with you, Canada? Why do you have a big “Who do these missing feet belong to?” mystery happening up there? Are there really so many people hopping around on one foot that you can’t sort out the ones who’ve misplaced their OTHER foot? And why aren’t those people coming forward and CLAIMING their misplaced feet? Are they too shy or embarrassed, like, “Oh, well, that foot’s probably the one I recently lost, but, well, our Mounties have more important things to worry aboot besides MY stupid missing right foot. It’ll probably come home soon, anyway. I put a bowl of food and a clean sock on the porch.”

I know y’all are polite, but COME ON. There are now FIVE right feet and one left foot that have just turned up–no note or nothing–along your shores, Canada. LOOK ALIVE, MOUNTIES! Get off your damned high horses and GET ON YOUR FEET! You’ve got a job to do, and that job is to FIND OUT WHO THESE MISSING FEET BELONG TO.

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It’s time to rumble…

492770538_cb7c7d4f9eSome megalomaniacal manager of a Missouri Burger King decided it was time for infants to respect his authoritah.

When a mother with a barefoot 6-month-old showed up on his watch, he promptly told her to remove her germ spreading crumb snatcher or he was calling the cops. That baby should have stuck her fungus ridden little foot right in his mouth breathing pie hole.

Apparently he was following the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy to the letter. It’s nice enough for a public service policy, right? I only see one tiny loophole. It doesn’t say anything about “no diaper.” HA!

I think all the local babies should unite, put on just a t-shirt and some shoes, and show up there demanding service. I believe we could even go global with this protest. We could call it, “Bare Your Bottoms For Babies’ Rights.”

Maybe Burger King will have to change its policy to “No shirt, no shoes, no diaper, no service.” Unless people beyond toddler stage are willing to don a diaper in support of baby solidarity, it would limit their patrons to babies, seniors and Michelle Duggar.

I really don’t see a down side to this plan.

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Radio Shack: Rebranding Fail

Their “Friends” Call Them The Shack ts-the-shack

So in the stupidest PR move since New Coke, Radio Shack is rebranding itself as “The Shack.”  Seriously Radio Shack?  No one wants to shop at the friggin’ Shack.  It sounds like a place where you buy cheap crap… oh wait… Radio Shack is the place where you by cheap crap.  (Hey, I ain’t judgin’… I’ve bought plenty of cheap crap from Radio Shack.)

And what’s with this “Our friends call us The Shack” business?  As Squeer! justinsloe said to me:  “Who the fuck is friends with Radio Shack?”

Besides, Radio Shack is, like, the worst shack ever.  Certainly worse than the Love Shack:

Oh, Radio Shack.

You should change your slogan to “Radio Shack: More Irrelevant than France.”  I think Mae would approve.


(Thanks to justinsloe for the tip!)

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