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Katy Perry Won’t Be Kissing Jill Sobule Anytime Soon

“Fuck you, Katy Perry.”

jill4blogJill Sobule has finally weighed in on Katy Perry jacking her song title.

“As a musician I have always refrained from criticizing another artist. I was, ‘Well, good for her.’ It did bug me a little bit, however, when she said she came up with the idea for the title in a dream. In truth, she wrote it with a team of professional writers and was signed by the very same guy that signed me in 1995. I have not mentioned that in interviews as I don’t want to sound bitter or petty, because that’s not me. Okay, maybe, if I really think about it, there were a few jealous and pissed off moments.”

“When her version came out I started getting tons of inquiries about what I thought. Some folks were angry and wondered why she took my title and made it into this kind of ‘girls gone wild’ thing. Others, including my mother, were excited because they thought I would somehow make some money out of it. Unfortunately you can’t copyright a title… bummer,” Jill continued, before furiously adding, “So here goes, for the first time in an interview… Fuck you Katy Perry, you fucking stupid, maybe ‘not good for the gays’, title thieving, haven’t heard much else, so not quite sure if you’re talented, fucking little slut.”

Well said Jill. I’m sure Katy doesn’t care what Jill Sobule thinks about this. If she did care she would have at the very least, given some sort of nod to Jill’s version of I Kissed a Girl when she was out promoting it. Instead Katy chose to pass it off as an original idea and hope people had forgotten Jill Sobule’s song.

I’ve been a big Jill Sobule fan since the 1990s. She is a great musician and an incredible song writer. If you only know her from I Kissed a Girl, take some time on youtube and check out some of her other songs. Here are a few to tempt you.

A happy song about global warming.

San Francisco – video by Margaret Cho

Long after Katy Perry is out of the music business and working at Hooters, having been replaced by the next young pop star to come along, Jill will still be making music and playing clubs. Longevity is the best revenge.


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  1. Man this rules. SO HARD!

    Comment by HolyChow | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. I may be sitting down, but I’m giving Jill a standing ovation on the inside.

    Comment by oneofthevoicesinmyhead | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  3. Damn it! I thought I had jill’s version of the song out of my head thirteen years ago…as soon as I read this article it all came back to me from middle school. The tingly feeling in my pants as I watched two girls about to kiss and the annoyingly catchy “I kissed a girl…for the first time. I kissed a girl, and I’d do it again.” right in between Smashing Pumpkin’s Bullet with Butterfly Wings and Stone Temple Pilot’s Interstate Love Song. ah, those were the days.

    Comment by drgnsldr | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. Wait. I thought Katy Perry died in a twitter accident involving pizza, nudity, a computer, a bathtub full of water, and sharp metal objects. Please don’t tell me I was confused on THIS one. It seemed so right…

    Comment by ellisbell | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  5. YES. YES. YES.

    best thing today so far.

    Comment by DonnaMartin | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  6. That description of taking her song title and turning it into a Girls Gone Wild thing is perfecto.

    I wish she hadn’t called her a “slut” though. “No Talent Dingbat?” Sure. “Loser vonScummerville?” Fine. But “slut” has become the defacto insult for a woman and it’s kind of bothering me that “sexually active woman” has become our society’s favorite insult for women.

    I’m all a-fired up after reading a bunch of articles that bfm mentioned on facebook about rape and sexual harassment and why we can’t reasonably expect women to fight back when they’re in a dangerous situation when we teach them in so many ways that the ONLY way for them to be safe is to be quiet, meek and accepting – to NOT invite attention or make scenes or anger people bigger and stronger than them. And words like “slut” and “cunt” that reduce women to simply their sexual parts or sexual availability are part of the cultural problem.

    So the “slut’ comment just gets on my nerves right now. I fully admit that I’ll probably be a total hypocrite and label someone a slut in a few weeks once I’ve climbed off of my soapbox. And I hope you all call me on it. Because I want to remove this from my vocabulary.

    Comment by SeaKat | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  7. Interesting, because I don’t find the term “slut” to mean “a sexually active woman.” To me, it’s evolved to mean someone (male or female) who uses sex or their sexuality to get attention–someone who promotes themselves as an object, I guess.

    This is not to say I agree with people using it to debase others, but I didn’t feel Sobule was doing that. I took it as her saying that Perry’s use of her title was debasing to her song because Perry’s song was nothing more than attention seeking through sex.

    Comment by oneofthevoicesinmyhead | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  8. …and that’s an interesting point! I’ll have to mull this over and get back to you.

    I do think that it is primarially levelled at women, though. While you might occasionally hear it used for men, in my experience it’s modified by term “male” as in: “That John Mayer is such a male slut.” Which then means that sluts are normally women. TMIMO.

    I’ll have to send you the link that bfm posted on fb, if you haven’t read it already. It was very thought-provoking and I am still digesting a LOT of what I read. So y’all might be subjected to my mental rumblings on this topic while I try to figure out what it is, exactly, that I think about this topic.

    Comment by SeaKat | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  9. SeaKat, I also read those articles and was totally going “yeah, yeah, YEAH!” to them, but I take Oneofthevoices angle on the world slut, although I have to admit I still tend to have to change it to “make slut” or “man whore.” Which…is interesting.

    If we made them unisexual terms, would they be more or less offensive?

    Also, I just spent way too much time watching Jill Sobule songs on youtube. 😛

    Comment by TheHobo | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  10. Oh, you were posting yours while I was posting mine…yeah, SeaKat, I’m with you on the mulling over.

    My friend went to a concert last night by himself, and I was like…wow! Good for you! And he was like, the big deal is what? He also travels by himself and again, I’m envious of that.

    Because, as a woman, I’ve been taught a certain amount of fear of being alone. What if some guy at the concert won’t leave me alone? If people see that I’m alone, I’m more of a target. What about the parking structure? How well lit is it? How close is it? How would I have to change my clothing choice if I were to go alone versus if I were to go with a group? Cleavage-baring shirts would be out…no skirts. Shoes I can easily run in, just in case…no purse, keeping everything I need on me in pockets. Maybe my pepper spray…

    I’m not sure I’d be able to enjoy the concert fully because I would be so cognizant of my own safety. Same with travel.

    I romanticize the idea of being able to travel alone. I love the idea of going out to new places and trying new things, of facing fears, and maybe discovering some strength in myself I don’t currently know I have.

    And I think I could do it in English-speaking places where I might blend in. I spent an afternoon alone wandering New York, and was proud of myself for being able to get around. Now, I live alone in LA, and constantly do things by myself here without a second thought–go to movies, go to dinner, go to clubs and bars (though I meet up with friends there), go to the store, etc. New York or any other state *shouldn’t* feel any different, except for the lack of familiarity.

    It shouldn’t be that much different in a foreign country, but for some reason it feels different…scarier. Riskier. I don’t want to be the girl everyone says “why did she take that risk? She was asking for it, traveling through Europe alone…”

    Anyway…yeah…mulling. 😛

    Comment by TheHobo | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  11. Can we still use “hussy” and “trollip”?

    Comment by silent noodles | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  12. i have the same problem with the use of cunt. i don’t like it when used to describe women because come on… there’s a better word that doesn’t have so many sexist undertones. i do enjoy it when aussies and kiwis use it because they use it to describe everything and everyone. i also winced when i saw sobule’s use of the word slut for the same reasons seakat stated. then again, i think sobule was probably just ranting and thought saying “bitch” might be inappropriate?

    also, sometimes slut is just such an appropriate word. i mean. sometimes women are just fucking sluts, you know? and men are too. i don’t qualify slut with “male.” a slut’s a slut. a cunt’s a cunt.

    confucius said that.

    i propose this:

    we drink some mulled wine and mull it over.

    Comment by DonnaMartin | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  13. only if you roll your Rs… trrrrrrollop!

    Comment by DonnaMartin | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  14. hahaha. Yes, I would like to point out that when one is referring to someone behaving in a promiscuous manner (Jon Gosselein, John Mayer, Lindsay Lohan pre-SamRo, etc.) that I don’t really have a problem w/the word “slut.”

    It just bothers me that, frankly, Katy Perry seems like more of a cock-tease than a slut. While I agree that she presents herself as “sexy” with the cleavage and the make up and the hotpants, she seems like a girl who would squeal “ewww, gross!!” when confronted with an actual penis. Maybe that’s just my take on her, but that’s why the word seemed more egregious than appropriate in this example. TMIMO.

    DM – Yes! Let’s get mullets while we drink our mulled wine an mull it over. Nothing helps to clarify the relationship of verbiage and gender politics like some spiced wine and a “business in the front, party in the back” ‘do.

    Comment by SeaKat | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  15. I agree with HolyChow – Jill Sobule does rule so hard!

    I have always been annoyed with Katy Perry`s “I Kissed a Girl Song“ because she reinforces the stereotype that the purpose of two women kissing is to turn men on, when in fact lesbians have no intersest in turning men on and are not cock-teases for men, as I`ve been told repeatedly by my lesbian friends who have had to deal with guys making sexual remarks and harrassing them when they`re out with their girlfriends. So thanks Katy Perry for making my friends lives more difficult than it should be. And I do realise that Katy Perry isn`t the only one who is responsible for this stereotyping, but she`s just so annoying that I feel like blaming her entirely.

    Comment by rumoUr | August 6, 2009 | Reply

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