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Thundersquee! is experiencing some technical ish-yews at present – hence the lack of updated content.

We’re sorry, y’all.  We’re working on fixing things!

Update: We’re back.  There was a routing problem on the intertubes today that prevented some of us from accessing the site, including two of your editors. On behalf of some co-location company in San Diego, apologies  for the inconvenience.   Sorry, hon…I mean President Bale.

The issues have been resolved, i.e., I was finally able to get someone to get off their ass and push a button or two.

A special thanks to her awesomeness, Cait, for jumping in and keeping stuff flowing today.  I know a sick doggie and impending nuptials can’t leave a lot of time. (I hope Charlie is OK.  Too bad I can’t get someone to push a button and make him all better, too.)



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Daily Bale (After Dark)

Concerned Bale

He’s saying, “When will Thundersquee!’s technical ish-yews be fully resolved?”

Soon, love. Soon.


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And Now an Important Message from Helen Hunt and Keyboard Cat

Oh yeah, and Hall and Oates

Spaghetti Cat and Keyboard Cat should team up and start remaking some of those after school specials.

Their combined might will surely be able to cushion the blow of divorce, unwanted teen pregnancy or puberty.

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Kitchen Bitchin’


kitchen-bitchThese days, the Kitchen Bitch and NFL Guy are in the throes of last-minute wedding details.

One minute, we’re wondering why we didn’t elope (oh, hey, that pesky Catholic thing), and the next we’re tempted to throw ourselves in front of a streetcar.

What we have learned, though, is that having romantical alone time is critical to maintain perspective in the face of all of this madness about favors and other sundry bullshit.

And yes, you, too, can create a gourmet instadate(tm) night in under an hour. Continue reading

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Afternoon Squee!

Squee! of Squee!: The sick doggeh edition

You’ve all seen Jake, the ridonkulously precious collie o’ mine.  Our other dog, Charlie, was previously shunned from Afternoon Squee! because the hussie (half husky, half collie) flat out peed all over the train of my wedding gown…

…which I have yet to wear.

But we love our doggeh, so much so that we spent several hours and a huge chunk of change at the vet’s office yesterday when I came home to find the doggeh equivalent of a Jackson Pollack painting of feces and blood in our back hall. 

Hey, he’s got good timing, right?


(He’s going to be fine – yay, doggeh!)

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Joan Walsh Took on Bill O’Reilly

She stays calm, he stays crazyts-o_reilly_factor

Abortion is a tricky subject.  Personally, I’m pro-choice, but after 15 years of arguing about it, I’ve resigned myself to avoid the abortion debate.  It is a sensitive issue.  For a lot of people, it’s a religious issue.  For others, a feminist issues.

Nonetheless, I think we can all agree that tossing around terms like “baby killer” or “abortion mill” do nothing but inflame an already inflammatory issue the discussion or try to reach a common solution about the abortion debate.  It’s inflammatory an unnecessary rhetoric.  Furthermore, it is rhetoric that, TMIMO, lead, in some way, to the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

It doesn’t matter whether you think late term abortion is wrong (always or only in some cases), or whether the legal facility which Tiller operated was a moral abomination. (I say “legal,” fully understanding that the legality of an activity doesn’t make it “right,” whatever “right” means to you.)  The point is that vigilante justice is no justice at all.  Justice should be sought from one’s government and legislators.

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Betty White Plays Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon

This woman is 8 different kinds of awesome.bettywhite-1-1

Betty White took on Jimmy Fallon in a game of ping pong last week.  Being a former semi-professional beer pong player myself, I have to give Betty White mad respect.  My best friend in law school–Happy Birthday, B!— and I came in second at the Beer Pong Championship in Spring 2000.  We took out several teams of dudes before our short stature (we’re both 5’2″) and tiny livers got the better of us.

By the final game, we were playing two huge dudes who had drunk their weight in beer.  We too had drunk our weight in beer, which is why we were more or less passed out while throwing ping pong balls all over the room during the final game.  Good times.

[via DListed]

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Doosh Watch 2009: Jon Voight

“STFU, Dad.”ts-angelina-jolie-voight

The feud between Angelina Jolie and her father Jon Voight is renowned.  In 2002, Jon Voight opened his yapper and told Access Hollywood that he wanted his daughter to seek help for “severe emotional problems.” I reckon he wasn’t too pleased about seeing his daughter running around acting all stabby and homosexicle whilst wearing a vial of Billy Bob Mothereffin’ Thornton’s blood around her neck.

By 2002, however, Angelina was on the road to being the Mother Earth (literally figuratively) she is now.  It was in 2002 that Angelina was named Good Will Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.  She was “turning her life around,” as they say, and really, who wants to turn on the TV and have some old coot you’re supposed to call “Dad” talking to Access friggin’ Hollywood about how fucked up you are?  No one.  And after that it was lights out for Old Voight.  Angelina wanted nothing to do with him as she moved forward with her life, adopting children hither and thither.

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Baby Jumping Festival

Wait, What Jumping Festival?

ts-baby-jumpingYesterday marked the end of the annual Colacho Baby Jumping Festival in Castrillo de Murcia in Spain.

Since 1620 Castrillo de Murcia has celebrated the Catholic festival f Corpus Christi by taking part in an event that is known as El Colacho, or baby jumping.  The tradition has been ongoing since the 1620s.  In the event, grown men dressed as the Devil jump over babies born in the prior year.  The babies lie on mattresses in the street.  Check out some pictures of last year’s event here.

Not one to be xenophobic and question the rituals of other cultures, but maybe those babies should be wearing full body armor?  Getting a bunch of guys drunk on Spanish wine and having them jump over babies doesn’t sound exactly safe.

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Twitter/Iran Elections Controversy

Ask and ye shall receive.ts-twitter

Elections in Iran last Friday have resulted in explosive violence in the streets of Tehran this weekend.  Current President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proclaimed a landslide victory.  His rival, Mir Hossein Mousavi was placed under house arrest (according to unconfirmed reports based on tweets being sent from Iran) yet continued to called upon his supporters to continue to protest the election results and he’s been using Twitter to help, posting as Mousavi1388.

Now here’s where Twitter came and saved the day.  Iran had already blocked Facebook and YouTube in an attempt to silence the Iranian citizens’ ability to communicate with the outside world.  But they forgot about Twitter.  Tweets have been streaming from Iran and #IRANELECTIONS has been one of the top trending topics for the past four days.

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