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Carrie Prejean Drops Out of The Special Olympics

I love that headline more then I really should

ts-carrie-prejean11The only thing that could make that headline better was if she had to drop out because she was actually competing in the Special Olympics and was caught using steroids.

The former Miss California was supposed to be there in the role of Miss California but since the Donald kicked her ass to the curb and took her sash and crown, she has decided to stay away.

Tami Farrell, the new Miss California, will be stepping in and representing the Miss California organization at the event. Prejean was going to volunteer at the event anyway, something she had done in the past, but has decided against it so as not to make things uncomfortable.

Carrie Prejean will undoubtedly be appearing on some talk show in the next week blaming this on the gay conspiracy that is out to get her.

I have six words for Carrie Prejean:


Prejean is the third person to receive the Bag of Douche Award. Carrie joins Kanye West and Mariah Carey in this exclusive club.



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