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Killa Bees, We’re on a Swarm!

That’s a Wu-Tang Reference for All You White Folks


So here’s the buzz in New York City: Some crazy ass bees decided they needed to play them some video games and swarmed in front of a GameStop in New York City.

The desperate workers inside, who could be seen on the phone looking bewildered by the swarm, put a sign in the window:

“Look! … closed due to bee infestation.”

Most passers-by ignored the sign in the GameStop window on account of the eleventy million bees swarming outside, but one Bee Whisperer helped. Dressed in regular clothing, he was able to trap some of the bees in a box.

ABC7, apparently, called the police for help.  The po-po told them to call the fire department.  The fire department, presumably after informing ABC7 that its animal rescue efforts extend only to cats in trees, told them to call 911.   911, which is always a joke in your town, told them to call 311.  311, after presumably singing “whoa-oh!  Honey is the color of your energy,” told them to call Mayor Bloomberg.  Mayor Bloomberg probably was all, “buzz off!  I’m taking my daily money bath.”

Finally, the NYPD sent their bee expert (who was likely on staff in case the turror-ists ever decide to use African killer bees to hate our freedoms) to lure the bees away using the scent of a queen bee.

Who knew L’il Kim was so stinky.



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