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Confessions of an Ex-Shopaholic

Summah, Summah, Summah Time!  (Part One)

I think I made it clear that summer is my favorite time of the year.  Today you are getting a GIANT double dose of savings.    Why?  Because Memorial Day is upon us.  To me, Memorial Day means beaches, pools, grilled hot dogs, and pasta salad, AND 1 year to my wedding day.  The first part, therefore, will be a summer extravaganza, and tomorrow’s part will be wedding savings for any of you blushing brides.

Part I:   “Don’t you find Kahuna to be a little on the lazy side?”

Sun Screening Beach Umbrella – Rio Brands


This umbrella comes in hideous multicolors, but also in teal, blue, and lime green.  It is a 6 foot diameter umbrella with adjustable height.  It comes with   powder coated steel pole, PVC carrying bag and is lined for SPF 50 sun protection.

Brazil Beach Chair


The Brazil Beach Chair folds in 7 ways.

20 BUCKS!!!!!!!

Part 2: Memorial Day BBQ–Let’s get grilling!

The biggest question is gas or charcoal when barbecuing.  Food cooked on a charcoal grill  is so yummy but charcoal is so messy and annoying.  Charcoal grills are hard to get going and it’s a pain to clean up.  Gas is so simple, if you like the taste of lighter fluid.


Uniflame Charcoal Grill


The Uniflame Charcoal Grill is a table-top grill.  It is being sold by the devil demon Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart lists the specifications as:

  • 200″ sq. cooking surface
  • 100″ sq. warming area
  • Black baked enamel lid
  • Black baked enamel bottom bowl
  • Porcelain cooking grid
  • Chrome-plated warming rack
  • Zinc-plated charcoal grid
  • Bakelite top-lid handle
  • Air damper on top lid
  • Foldable legs
  • Locking clasp
  • Two-piece Bakelite handle on bottom bowl
  • 16.6″ H x 16″ W x 22.5″ L
  • Model # CBT914W

Don’t want a table top?  Can’t blame you.

Uniflame Square Charcoal Grill


The Uniflame Square Charcoal Grill is a stand charcoal grill for $25.00.  It is also from the demon-woman-hating-small-company-destroying-not-paying-a-living-wage Wal-Mart.

  • 295″ sq. cooking surface
  • Black porcelain hinged top lid
  • Black baked-enamel bottom bowl
  • Porcelain enamel cooking grid
  • Zinc-plated charcoal grid
  • Air vents on lid and bowl
  • Silver powder-coated tubular legs, and bottom wire mesh
  • One Bakelight handle
  • Two-piece plastic wheels
  • 32.5″ H x 18.75″ L x 21.5″ W
  • Model # CBC900W

Brinkmann Smoke N’ Grill


Spend a little more.  It’s worth it. This is a table-top charcoal grill and a smoker.  Think about it: smoked grilled ribs.  $39.97.


Uniflame Deluxe Portable Gas Grill


Before you read this. I saw a gas table top grill at my neighborhood Shaw’s for $24.99 and another at my CVS for $25.  Neither are available online.  They are about the size of the $25 Uniflame Deluxe Portable Gas Grill available at Wal-Mart locations (not online).

  • 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner with regulator
  • 207″ sq. cooking surface
  • Black baked-enamel hinged top lid
  • Black baked-enamel bottom bowl
  • Porcelain-plated cooking grid
  • Three-piece bakelite handles
  • Aluminum-plated heat plate
  • Two-piece baked-enamel, foldable tubular legs
  • One-piece piezo ignition
  • LP gas, tank not included
  • 15.7″ H x 15.5: L x 24.75″ W
  • Model # GBT904W

Uniflame Portable Gas Grill

This guy is available online. So if you want a grill delivered right to your door on the cheap, this baby is for you.   $35.00.

Weber Q Rolling Cart


I will give you 2 options for this.  The cheaper option is from a place called CCEShop, where you save more than just money. (Maybe it’s a religious shop.) The grill is $39.99 at CCEShop.  If you don’t trust CCEShop, then I have included a Home Depot option.

It’s a stand up grill on wheels.  Cart it wherever you like. It folds up nice and clean to be put away.

Can’t make up your mind?

Char Griller Duo

Gas and charcoal. Normally $400.00, Here she is for $299.99.  They sell a smoker add on for about 80 bucks.  This is the last grill you will ever need.


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  1. Gas Charcoal Grill for the WIN!!

    And if only the shadow cast by that little umbrella was as expansive as it appears in the picture above!

    Comment by Helen Skor | May 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. And my winner is Uniflame Deluxe Portable Gas Grill!!!! But seriously it’s a steal when you look at what your getting for $25. I mean I love the charcoal grill as well…but the one with the portable gas is much more practical…I mean you can carry it wherever you go and you have to pay far less attention to setting something on fire…

    Comment by Dani | December 24, 2009 | Reply

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