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Are TomKat Through?

ts-tomkatAnd what of the Tomkitten?

There are some rumors a’ brewin’ about a certain couple getting themselves all divorced and crap.

BlindGossip.com, a gossip site that posts blind items about celebrities and asks its readers to figure them out, threw out this gem under the title She Has Finally Pulled the Chip Out of Her Head:

“She has finally pulled the chip out of her head and is shedding her controlling hubby! And, boy, is he mad! Her attorneys are working on a “Dissolution of Contract,” not a “Dissolution of Marriage” – yet. That’s the next step. She will be asking for sole custody of the kid/s. She is not currently pregnant.

Her attorneys – especially one who worked with her predecessor – have been able to work around most of the restrictions in her original business agreement with her husband. She did not fulfill the terms of the contract that would maximize her payout, but she will receive a sizeable chunk of change to keep quiet about his personal life and his special relationship with another high-profile man.

You will still see them together, albeit much less frequently, and they will continue to be very civil towards each other. They will attend events and will travel as a family when one goes to work. They will both have smiles plastered on their faces, but you will know that hers is really just a smirk, and he is absolutely seething inside over having lost control of the situation.

In the past few weeks, she has left two events separately from her husband because she was so annoyed with his behavior. Each time, she met up with her ex for several hours. While she is spending time with her ex, we do not know if they are romantically involved again.”

Hmm… velly intellesting indeed.  So what of this “Dissolution of Contract”?  I recall some rumors circulating, based on Andrew Morton’s book entitled Tom Cruise: Unauthorized Biography, that Tom made Kate sign an onerous contract that basically granted Scientology complete control over her life, and required that she turn only to Scientology treatments for her health and her children’s welfare, and that she prohibited from using psychiatric care or drugs.   They even had some woman following Kate around, like her own personal Xenu; someone to hear her prayers, someone who cares (about brainwashing Katie until she finally made the transition into Kate: The Bona Fide Stepford Wife.)

The Church, of course, denies these claims.

But the question remains, what’s the answer to this blind item?  Any other couples that fit the description?  Leave your guesses in the comments section.


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  1. The only couples I can think of are Scientologists…

    Comment by TheHobo | May 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. I hope this drives little Tommy boy over the edge! I await the day of his mental breakdown, you know it’s coming and what circus that will be since you know, he doesn’t believe in taking meds. HA!

    Comment by XENU | May 13, 2009 | Reply

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