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We are back in the 1980s this week for a showdown between the two biggest girl bands of the decade.  This week it’s the Go-Go’s vs. The Bangles. If you are wondering, Nelson doesn’t technically count as a girl band. For them it was more of an honorary title.

First up we have the Go-Go’s with Head Over Heels. This is a great example of early 80s music videos. Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin seem to be the only ones comfortable being in front of the camera. Take note of the “oh my God, what do I do?” look on the face of Charlotte Caffey at the ten second mark. She is forcing a smile like she has a gun at her head. As the video goes on everyone loosens up but you definitely get the “what are we supposed to be doing?” feeling.

Next up we have the Bangles with Walk like an Egyptian. Sadly the original video for this song seems to have disappeared into the Internet somewhere.  It wasn’t the goofy people walking like Egyptians that made the original video so memorable for me; it was Susanna Hoffs’ eyes. When she had her close up and she looked side to side, just about every teenage boy watching fell in love with her.

Unfortunately both bands broke up due to infighting. Belinda Carlisle scored some hits on her own before fading away like the rest of the Go-Go’s. Strangely enough it was Susanna Hoffs’ eyes in the video for Walk like an Egyptian that led to the break up of the Bangles.  After that video, Susanna was getting a lot more attention than the rest of the band and that didn’t sit well with the others. Almost all the members of both bands stayed in music but none were able to reach the success they had with their bands.

Give the videos a look and cast your vote.

Bonnie Tyler and Kevin Bacon came out on top in last week’s match up, and sent Shrek back to his swamp.

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  1. I voted Bangles, but based on the original video which I also remember.

    Comment by TheHobo | May 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. Belinda Carlisle’s shirt +5
    Belinda’s dancing -2
    Guitarist’s backwards hospital scrubs (can’t remember her name) -1
    Lots of precious people with pixie haircuts +2
    Repetitive piano +2 and -2
    Belinda’s singing +1
    Drummer’s shirt -2
    Terrified pianist +3
    Spider ring reaction +4

    Pink guitars +1
    Lead singer’s hair +3
    Donut mention +3
    Tune +2
    General malaise of band members -2
    Everybody’s not a crappy singer +1
    Spastic tambourine girl in my dress-up outfit from 2nd grade -4
    Corset shirt +1 and -1
    Not being too sexist to have a man play 7 notes +3
    Spastic tambourine girl terrifies me now -1
    Explanation of dance in lyrics -4
    Weird references to the habits of Asians -1
    Spastic tambourine girl again -1
    Song is not shitty +5

    Once I get all those tallied up I’ll vote.

    Comment by baby fish mouth | May 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. Once again, hot brunette FTW.

    Comment by WhoMee | May 1, 2009 | Reply

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