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Don’t Golf Angry

Don’t Golf Angry

ts-caddyshackIt sounds like a bad scene from Caddyshack 3: Electric Boogaloo. I shall set the scene for you all.

Bill “don’t drive angry” Murray is getting ready to tee off in Tampa FL at the Outback Pro-Am game…or whatever it is called when you play golf. Game, meet, match?

Meanwhile on the other side of the golf course is poor defenseless Gayle DiMaggio. I’m going to digress. I really want a blooming onion right now. And someone on this site still owes me some damn pie. Back to poor Mrs. DiMaggio’s plight. (Let’s forget about my pain for awhile.)

Who does Mrs. DiMaggio she see “up to putt” “or teeing off,” or whatever you call it, and right from her own backyard?  It’ss Bill f’ing Murray, bitches. I’m not sure she actually said that, so it’s not a direct quote. Snap, I bet she totally rubbed that in Gladys’ face down at the Piggly Wiggly.

Bill Murray’s errant ball not only misses the hole, but also nearly takes off her head.  As DiMaggio explained:

“All of a sudden I felt this explosion in my head. I thought I was having a stroke because I just felt something go off.”

But it was all ok because apparently he entertained her during the ambulance ride by performing his circa 1983 comedy act.  And he also lifted her shirt and gave her tummy tickles.

Apparently there is no lawsuit at this moment, although that may happen later. All Tickles–I’m going to call her Tickles now–wanted was an autographed copy of Caddyshack. I hope she gets a copy of the original Caddyshack, and not the craptastic Caddyshack 2.

It’s like Tickles always says:

“If you’re going to get hit in the head with a ball. It might as well be Bill Murray.”

Personally, if a guy’s gonna hit me in the head with his ball, I’d prefer that it be Ryan Reynolds or BAAALLLEEE!


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  1. *sigh* I should be so lucky as to get hit in the head and then tummy tickles from Bill Murray.

    Comment by Cristal Methodd | April 22, 2009 | Reply


    Comment by AdmittedlyAddicted | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. (I REMEMBER something about pie and Jujubees. I wonder if I am the one that owes Jujubees the pie.

    It could be me. I have to go back to the archives and see.
    I wonder if an onion pie would taste good?)

    Comment by queencrone | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  4. I have HAD onion pie!!! It was really tasty!

    I’d have to ask my friend for the recipe.

    Comment by TheHobo | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  5. TheHobo, was it french onion style? That DOES sound good.

    I’m picturing it in my mind’s eye to be like a Shepard’s Pie but with a french onion soup-type filling.

    Comment by queencrone | April 24, 2009 | Reply

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