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Beyonce = Strangled Catts-beyonce

TMZ has released an audio clip that is supposedly the “board mix” or raw unedited tape of Beyonce singing on the Today Show last year.  Howard Stern can be heard cracking up and generally being Stern about it while Beyonce screeches as if she’s having her ass hairs pulled out one by one.

It is hilarious.  Her father, Matthew Knowles has said that the tape is a hoax, and that it was altered.

Here’s what happens.  Singers go to various events and perform and lip sync their asses off. While they are lip syncing, they are actually singing, but they can’t hear themselves, so they don’t know what key they are in.  And screeching ensues.  This all begs the question, why the fuck can’t SINGERS actually SING when they’re supposed to be SINGING?  Crikey.

Now, TMZ is reporting that it is actually a hoax, and claims to have found the person behind the prank:

“It’s a little bit crazy. No one in their right mind would sound like that, and no one would cheer for someone singing like that.”

Take a listen to the clip of Beyonce “singing” here.

So is it a hoax?  Or not?  If you listen to the entire clip, Howard Stern also plays some unedited footage of Enrique Iglesias.  And he sounds just as god-awful as Beyonce.

I don’t know, y’all.  Sounds legit to me.  What do you think?

(Thanks to MalisInWonderland for the tip!)

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