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Best in Squee!

ts_big_fistWe here at Thundersquee! love our commenters. We love them so much that we’d sneak out to the parking lot behind the bleachers and make out with them in the back seat of their bitchin’ Camaro. But Thundersquee! is classy, so there will be no heavy petting. Instead, Thundersquee! will highlight the most squee!-worthy comments in a weekly column aptly titled Best in Squee!

And the award goes to…

Most narcissistic self-assured: WhoMee

I don’t have narcissistic personality disorder. It’s been empirically shown that I’m awesome.

Most optimistic about baby born with an extra penis on his back: rumour has it

I guess that’s less creepier than an eyeball.

Forward-thinker concerning practical uses for a back-penis: shu_shu

Can he pee out of it? Because that would be the best party trick ever. Also, quite an excellent way to ensure that you have plenty of personal space in an elevator.

Most inspired by Pop Rocks and Coke” urban legend: MalisInWonderland

If you read this while listening to “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” your head will explode.

Most in tune with vampire psyche: Seakat

I never thought about the whole hard-on issue. OMG. That certainly explains Edmund or Edward or whatever-the-fuck name’s general morose nature. I think most men would have a hard time with immortal impotence.

Most well-thought out destination in the event of a zombie attack: Admittedly Addicted

the Cemetery…I figure they are all leaving there in search of brains, and probably won’t come back.

The “Nailed It!” Award: Mickey

Yes, you kissed a girl. Yes, you’re incredibly original. We get it.

Jill Sobule had you by a decade.

Now go away.

Best Reference to Latter Day Saints theology to explain Mormon spelling error: Run-DMS

Then the spellchecker software, written on gold plates, just disappeared.

The “Just Doesn’t Get It!” Award: extreme feminist

Are you seriously taking her comment this far? Women who hate on women?

Money bet that you (Sarah) were a High School reject growing up and find happiness in bashing more successful b/c you think you have the brains and probably ask yourself why aren’t you just as successful.
You an Perez Hilton are the same breed which is sad b/c we don’t need anymore to be honest.

Agreed, it’s freedom of speech but instead of bashing these successful people, think of ways to turn this comment into something positive. My impression, simply she isn’t “girly” and enjoys less maintenance activities. She clearly stated she doens’t communicate well.

Also Sarah, “Make My Vagina Want to Throw Things At Them” please seek help such as anger management. Violence is not the answer. Your mama can tell you that.

Hasta la vista beautiful ladies 🙂



April 13, 2009 - Posted by | Best in Squee! | ,


  1. haha! Okay, now I’m going to have to spend 10 minutes looking up the ones I somehow missed!!

    And thank you – my week just got so much better. 😉

    Comment by AdmittedlyAddicted | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Congrats to the winnarz!

    Special congrats to Sarah for incurring the wrath of extremist feminist, when she has already so deftly incurred the jumbo sized wrath of rosie’s ego.

    Comment by baby fish mouth | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. cheered me up on a grey, miserable monday. thanks.

    Comment by Run-DMS | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. Agreed. Between you guys and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdA23lw6KZE

    I’m in heaven. I ❤ Hags and Rudd.

    Comment by Chelsea - PETA Protector | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  5. Seriously, you guys have made my week. Thank You! =)

    Comment by Mickey | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  6. ::documents yet another piece of evidence for his awesomeness::

    Comment by WhoMee | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  7. ::documents another piece of evidence about whomee’s possible personality disrder::


    Comment by baby fish mouth | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  8. toüçhé

    Comment by WhoMee | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  9. Random question:

    If you’re arguing with a dickhead and he actually makes a good point, does one correctly respond “douché”?

    Comment by SeaKat | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  10. BTW — I am in no way, shape or form calling WhoMee a dickhead!

    He’s my only internet stalker (or at least he was a few weeks ago) and I cherish him accordingly!!

    Comment by SeaKat | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  11. SeaKat– if there’s ever a situation where calling someone a douche is wrong, well then I don’t want to be right.

    Comment by Chelsea - PETA Protector | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  12. douché

    by calvin klein

    Comment by baby fish mouth | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  13. I know I’m late to the party, but yay! I got a BIS! Thank you! And congrats to all! Squeeeeee!

    P.S. I like that douche sounds like touche.

    Comment by rumour has it | April 15, 2009 | Reply

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