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Who’s Down With PPP (Every Last Herpe)!

How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

parisCasual racist and sans-cognitive-dissonance hip-hop enthusiast, Paris Hilton continued her quixotic quest for relevance by airing out her faux beef with Swedish DJ, Steve Angello, now that her tattered curtains no longer have the appeal of their night-visioned past. Although one supposes she could have pulled a Scarlett and made a dress, Paris instead chose to air her nasty bits out on Myspace, recounting her harrowing encounter, pardon, her “boyfriend,” Doug Reinhardt’s harrowing encounter with a fist. It is a he-said-skank-said situation right now, and we all know who to believe. Let’s just say it isn’t the big-footed petri dish.

Basically, Paris was delusional enough to think that she could storm the castle and wonk the DJ into submission – getting some hip-hop played at a techno festival. When the honorable Swede said “hell no!”, Cleowartra slapped him, Mark Skanksony got punched in his mouf and security booted the pair. Then Paris cried. Out of her good eye. Thankfully, she had enough fortitude to Myspace the whole ordeal. Forgetting that the interwebs is of the people, Paris opened herself up to a rebuttal, and Angello tweeted her ass into oblivion. Or is it twittered? Twatted? Whatever, melt-nose got a scandanavian smack down with additional witnesses. You know what Judge Judy would say – “Fjords away, bitch.”

Thanks to WhoMee for the tip.


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  1. oh man. best title ever.

    Comment by DonnaMartin | April 6, 2009 | Reply

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